TRANS - a prefix occurring in loan wards from Latin (transcend; transfix) is used with the meaning “across”, “beyond”, “through”, “changing thoroughly”, in combination with elements of any origin. The program focused on familiarizing software as a tool and a technique. The given object is subjected to a series of transformations and modifications by experimenting with different means of modelling, representation, fabrication, animation and augmentation.
The object undergoes a series of transformations  by experimenting the aspects of digital modelling. Here the object is morphed through a central nuclei which controls its rotation, twisting, shear and scaling. The object is then subjected to a coloration analysis.
Rendering - 1
Rendering - 2
Rendering - 3
Rendering - 4
The final object is represented through model fabrication, animation and augmentation. The process aims to go beyond a formal exercise by engaging critical thinking skills to explore implication of tools and techniques.

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