“Water is important to people who do not have it, and the same is true of control. “
- Joan Didion (“Holy Water”)​​​​​​​
Water is an integral part of our daily lives and is going to become a precious commodity in the year 2050. Water is going to be “the petroleum of 2050” as well as the central focus of all political agendas over which conflicts and wars would be fought to take control. Import and Export of water will shut down and cities will have to look within to cater to it’s rising demands. The glorification of the city rests upon its Water Reclamation Infrastructure. Water will give rise to monumental design of micro city infrastructure.
Master Plan (Hansen Dam)
Water Circulation

The project helps to reclaim the storm water as well as waste water by purifying it up to drinkable standards and reintroducing it into the grid. The existing terrain of the man made + natural reservoirs would undergo a series of land transformations into steps of pools that recycle the wastewater. A layer of suspended infrastructure in the grid would be introduced over these pools to minimize direct exposure to the sun and reduce evaporation. 
Isometric Section - 1 (Hansen Dam)
 The site would be bounded by a long - linear - complex housing infrastructure to provide a symbolism of security for protecting water against the upcoming raging water wars.
Aerial View- 1 (Hansen Dam)
The world is undergoing severe drought conditions and water is going to be more precious than oil. The video depicts the severity of the water crisis around the world.
Isometric Section - 2 (Reseda)
Isometric Section - 3 (Reseda)

Other Projects

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